Calling all Landlords

Author: robert brinkley | Categories: | March 7, 2019
What a start to the year there is a lot of buzz going on in the lettings market. Brinkley’s has seen a massive jump in the quality of our lettings stock over the last 12 months, this is down to 3 main reasons. • In October we had the mandatory HMO licence that came in for 5 or more tenants, for 2 or more households, because of this owners are not renting to 5 tenants, they don’t want the added expense of getting the licence or doing the work. • The sales market has seen so much uncertainty that owners are just not in a position to have properties empty, so we are getting flooded with some of the best properties that we have seen in years. • With prices starting to fall in lettings, clever landlords are making sure there investments don’t drop, even small changes can make a massive difference, Brinkley’s are here to advise owners what is the best renovations they can do and if needed we work with some of London’s best contractors We are getting a lot of landlords and tenants calling us up for advice, regarding the new tenant fee ban, and people are just unsure what they can and can’t do going forward, Brinkley’s have done extensive research to make sure we have complete knowledge and expertise, to make sure we completely look after the landlords and the tenants in this massive change to legislation.

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