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2020 Lettings update

Finally seeing the light 2019 was the most challenging year of my career, There has been a massive drop in the number of BTL landlords coming to the market. This is because regulations have been tightened for mortgage providers, and rental calculations now have to follow stricter rules and regulations. However, as much as this is tough, I think this is a good sign, because when landlords do become investors, their portfolios are more secure, and this is beginning to have a knock-on effect with prices starting to increase. Tenants are now staying longer than ever before, and it’s not uncommon for a renter to stay in a property for several years. Landlords are happy to accommodate this as it cuts down on wear and tear and there are no void periods and therefore no loss of rent. Whilst this saves the owner thousands over the course of the tenancy, it’s also good for the tenant in terms of security and from a financial point of view. Every time a tenant changes rental property there is a monetary outlay but by staying put, a tenant can sign up to schemes where the rent they pay adds to their credit score, which ultimately helps when it comes to applying for a mortgage. Over the last year Brinkley’s have been working hard to listen to what our clients need and to be proactive to what we hear. To speed up the service, our rent system is now automatic. Landlords can sign into their accounts on any PC to download statements, follow the progress on works and check rental payments. Our property management service has evolved, and we are proud the team we have now. They have many years’ experience in dealing with the most complex issues. Every landlord has a dedicated property manager, so no need to go through time consuming telephone systems. I predict 2020 as being one of the strongest years in Brinkley’s history. A bold statement, maybe but we will continue to improve what we do every day, whilst offering exceptional service for a fair price. If you’re looking to rent or sell your property, come and speak to an expert – my door is always open. Wayne Lewis Lettings Director