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GDPR 2018

Glad that deadline has passed! Has everyone opted in or out of all the emails demanding their attention? Is everyone still sane after the madness that was the GDPR deadline? The gist of it for those of you emerging from a hypothetical cave is that now you have to opt-in to everything rather than having to tick the opt-out box. Furthermore you, me, all of us now have more control over our personal information and how it is used. Crazy as it may seem, in order to comply with the new regulation and even though you may have called us to register to view properties, we still have to send you an email gaining your consent in writing before we can proceed. This won’t be for long as we’re getting a super-duper, new telephone-recording-system which will mean that you can opt-in by phone. Yay! So please bear with us for a week or so until it’s all in place. Then you can race to be the first to try it out.