Extra exposure – putting it out there.

Author: robert brinkley | Categories: | September 6, 2018
Extra exposure – putting it out there. You may have heard the news that Zoopla and On the Market are, as of 2pm yesterday, feeding rental property listings into the Facebook Marketplace. Agents weren’t consulted on the move but it does increase the exposure of your property listing. Rightmove have decided not to take the same step and the talking heads are currently discussing ulterior motives from both sides of the coin and many raise the point that Google tried something similar a few years back and failed. Do we care? Should you care? Not in the slightest – it just means that your property is being put in front of even more potential applicants, at no extra cost, as Brinkley’s subscribe to both Zoopla and On the Move amongst other major portals. But before you rush to see how it works, Facebook Marketplace have issued a statement to say that it will take a few days for it to go fully live. A Facebook spokesperson said: “This is a gradual launch starting yesterday and we won’t be fully live for a few days in all likelihood. “This rolling launch approach helps to ensure no technical issues.” Julia Whyte Marketing Manager

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