Sales 2019

Author: robert brinkley | Categories: | February 1, 2019
The start of 2019 has been positive, considering all the negativity in the press surrounding Brexit. Our registrations levels have jumped significantly, we have seen more applicants register this month and any other month within 2018. Many buyers we are speaking to have Brexit fatigue and are deciding to “get on with it”. With the potential extension to article 51, it’s a never ending saga. The prices have lowered over the past 2 years, buyers are starting to come back to the market. There is still caution around but the initial activity levels look positive. Our stock levels are also on the rise with more sellers seeing the value in our fee of 0.75% inc vat. We are off the back of a successful 2019 with more awards for our excellent customer services. We are looking forward to a successful 2019, battling through these challenging times.

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