Sales Update March 2019

Author: robert brinkley | Categories: | March 8, 2019
The start of the year has been surprisingly busy, considering what is currently going on politically. First time buyers are taking advantage of the significant savings they can currently make on stamp duty, still historically low interest rates, which are due to rise. We have seen a significant pick up in activity since the last quarter of 2018. We expect the market to slow down as we are now so close to hopefully having a final decision on Brexit. We fully expect the market to pick up further, once there is more certainty brought back to the market post Brexit. We see similar slowdowns during election periods and the uncertainty surrounding it. There is always a surge of interest post elections, we expect that to be the same post Brexit. We are looking forward to a busy second quarter to the year and have seen stock levels continually increase since our special fee offering at just 0.75% inc vat. If you are looking for a valuation please get in touch to take advantage of this special offering.

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