The lights are shining on the lettings industry

Author: robert brinkley | Categories: | May 31, 2019
With the biggest shake up in the lettings industry, the Tenant Ban is coming into force as of today, and I’m already speaking to some scared landlords, there is loads of conflicting information in the press, its vital that you speak to an expert and that you know exactly what is going on. Brinkley’s is committed to giving the best service and being very black and white, we keep our fee’s clear and easy with no hidden costs. There is so many estate agents that are selling insurance policies to tenants that are vastly overpriced, we don’t do any of these things if tenants rent through Brinkley’s they will pay there rent and only 5 weeks deposit only, I would encourage all Landlords to find out what the agents charge the tenants. At Brinkley’s we pride ourselves in having one of the best renewals process in the business, we have one of the most experience renewals managers in the industry who will work around the clock to make sure that all tenants stay in a property for as long as physically possible. If your looking to rent or just want some advice come and speak to an expert Wayne Lewis Lettings Director

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