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Please be aware that when entering into a tenancy you will be required to provide 1 months’ rent in advance, a security deposit of 6 weeks rent (please note that the deposit might be adjusted subject to certain conditions i.e. pets). You may be required to pay for the checkout when vacating the property, please refer to your offer email and or tenancy agreement for further information.

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Lettings Hub Referencing– Barclaycard for holding deposit – Mydeposits – Signable contract signing for AST – Contractors for property works and inventory companies, by opting in you also confirm you have the permission from the other tenants listed above to be contacted and their information used for the purposes listed above. Please see our privacy policy at


Terms & Conditions:

Brinkley’s Estate Agents requests that you make an Advanced Payment of £500.00 (via debit card) on signing of this agreement prior to your offer being submitted to the Landlord.

A Tenancy Application Fee of £270.00 (inc VAT) will be payable; this fee will include administering of the application for all Tenant(s) named on the Tenancy Agreement and for all Permitted Occupiers.

A Reference Charge of £50.00 (inc VAT) will be applicable for each person/tenant/permitted occupier over 18 years of age, who must complete a referencing application form.

Express Service £120.00 (inc VAT) should you require a twoworking day move in, from the date of offer.

Guarantor in certain circumstance we may ask you to provide one or more guarantors. We will charge a Guarantor Reference Fee of £60.00 (inc VAT) for checking the references of each guarantor and the preparation of the guarantor agreement. Any guarantor will need to reside in the UK, be in full time employment, be a property owner and pass a reference check. If we ask for a guarantor as a poor result of a reference check on you then any failure to provide a suitable guarantor who satisfies the above conditions on your part will be deemed a withdrawal of your application and you will lose your Advanced Payment as set out under Withdrawal and Refusal.

Applicants are independently assessed by a credit referencing company who will make searches about you with credit reference agencies. Those agencies will record details of the search whether or not your application proceeds. The credit referencing company may use credit-scoring methods to assess your application and to verify identity.

The results of the referencing will be provided to the Landlord to assist them in deciding whether to accept your application. We will not be able to enter into any correspondence regarding the inaccuracy of any checks carried out by the referencing agency and you will only be entitled to see these in so far as they do not disclose information about you or the views of any other person.

The acceptance of an Advance Payment, Tenancy Application Fee and Reference Charge in no way constitutes an agreement by the Landlord to rent the property to you on any specific terms or at all. You will have 72 hours to submit your referencing application and to provide us with suitable proof of ID, complying with the Right to Rent. If you fail to complete this request within the specified time frame, you will forfeit your Advance Payment.

WITHDRAWAL AND REFUSAL - if the referencing agency does not agree that you are suitable to take a tenancy of the Property, any part of your application is found to be inaccurate, you seek changes to the terms of your offer which the Landlord is not prepared to accept, or you withdraw your application once the referencing process has begun then you will forfeit your Advanced Payment in full to reflect the wasted cost of dealing with the administration of your application.

ADVANCE PAYMENT GUARANTEE if the Landlord does not accept your offer, the Advance Payment will be refunded in full. Should your offer be accepted the Advance Payment will be used to offset the monies due at commencement of the Tenancy, subject to the conditions under Withdrawal and Refusal.

CHANGING THE TERMS should you wish to change the terms of the original offer for the same property and the Landlord accepts the revised terms, the Advance Payment will be held over under the same terms and conditions as detailed in this document. In the event that any subsequent offers on the property are not accepted by the Landlord and you wish to transfer the monies to an offer on an alternate property via Brinkley’s and the terms for a tenancy are agreed, the Advance Payment will be held over under the same Terms and Conditions.

RIGHT TO RENT all occupants aged 18 and over, who are using the property as their only or main home will need to satisfy the Right to Rent checks. Failure to comply with the Right to Rent will result in your application being withdrawn, forfeiting your Advance Payment. Please ask instore for more information.

DEPOSIT all tenancies will require payment of a tenancy deposit equivalent to six weeks rent. The amount may be adjusted depending on your individual financial circumstances, the number of occupiers and other factors. The deposit will be held by Brinkley’s or the Landlord in line with the current legislation on deposits.

MONIES DUE Brinkley’s must be in receipt of cleared funds for the 1st months’ rent, the tenancy deposit and all other outstanding monies due, prior to the tenancy being signed by the Landlord. All monies must be paid directly to Brinkley’s. Should you wish to pay by banker’s draft or bank transfer, this must be done five working days prior to the start date of your proposed tenancy. We do not accept cash, debit/credit cards for tenancy completions.

MOVING IN it is the Tenants’ responsibility to arrange the transfer of utilities and services (telephone, internet, gas, electricity, water, council tax etc.) into their own name(s). To help ensure a smooth transition, you will receive a call from our switchover provider.

INVENTORY CHECKS should a Tenant not attend the agreed appointment for the check-in and check-out of the inventory and less than 24 hours’ notice is given, or the Tenant is more than 30 minutes late for the appointment, the Tenant will be liable for any reasonable additional charges made by the Inventory Clerk. (You will be advised of your move in/out arrangements near the time). The Tenant(s) named on the tenancy agreement are responsible for the check-out costs. As a guide, a check-out will usually cost between £150.00 and £300.00 (inc VAT) dependent on the size of the property, the amount is confirmed on the front of this form.

TENANCY AGREEMENT once the terms of the tenancy have been agreed we will send you and ask you to sign your tenancy agreement using an online signing procedure. If you wish to receive a paper contract, please make us aware when making your offer. Until all persons named as the Tenant(s) have signed the agreement and the Landlord has signed, no tenancy agreement will exist.

RENEWAL\EXTENSION should terms be agreed by both parties to extend the tenancy the new contracts will carry a fee of £85.00 (inc VAT)

LANDLORD REFERENCE if requested and providing Brinkley’s was managing the tenancy, we can supply onward references for Tenants and Permitted Occupiers at the end of the tenancy, this will incur a fee of £30.00 (inc VAT)

COMPLAINTS we are members of ARLA (Association of Residential Lettings Agents) and TPO (The Property Ombudsman) we abide by their codes of practice; we will disclose any information relating to the property if ARLA or TPO requests it.

DATA PROTECTION we would like to keep you up to date with special offers from us and from carefully selected external companies

TENNANT LIABILITY INSURANCE We agree to Brinkleys preferred referencing company to contact us to discuss Tenant liability insurance.